Raupack Supplies Machinery for Packaging and Assembly in the UK and Ireland

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Raupack Supplies Machinery for Packaging and Assembly in the UK and Ireland

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Special Feature: Automatic Vertical Cartoner

Full Automatic Vertical Cartoniner for Tea pyramids into Gable Top Cartons

The CCM-AV fully automatic cartoning machine has been designed based on current customer requirements and meets essential criteria.

This cartoning machine is an intermittent motion machine which can easily handle packs with aeroplane tuck, alternating tuck, or with glued flaps. During its movement, the box is perfectly maintained in its position. . . .

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Latest News:

Monoblock Liquid Filling Machine for Deodorant and Perfumes
Wed, 31 January 2018

Rudolf Deckert Ships Monoblock Liquid Filling and Closing Machine to manufacture perfumes and Deodorants

The FVR Monoblock liquid filling machine combines filling, screwing, capping and weighing into one machine capable of 100 containers per minute. The modular monoblock design packs these . . .

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New Machinery Developments:

Rohrer Develops RS570 Small Scale Sterile Blister Sealing MachineBautz Delivers Development scale Aerosol Valve Function Tester with integrated Check WeigherJW Vertical Cartoner used as 5 Litre Canister PackerRychiger delivers FS200 Liquid Filling Sealing Machine for Diagnostic Assays
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