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Machinery for Packaging and Assembly

Latest News:

Raupack Takes on Agency for Heino Ilsemann to Offer a Full Range of Tablet and Capsule Packing Machinery
Thu, 5 December 2013
Raupack Takes on Agency for Heino Ilsemann Blister Packing lines

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New Machinery Developments:

New Patented Nitrogen Density Leak Detection
Liwo has developed a new Leak Detection system based on counting escaping Nitrogen molecules the UNIDIM NID.
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New Blister Machine for Development

The new R760 Modular Development blister machine is organic. It grows with your product. The R760 can be upgraded from single station semi-automatic to fully automatic machine.
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Desiccant Applying Unit for Blister Packing Machines

Desiccant application into blister cavities for moisture sensitive tablets or capsules. Cost effective solution as it allows you to use thermoformed cavities compared to the more expensive coldformed ones.
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Blister Machines for High Potency Drugs - Rohrer and SKAN Announce Collaboration

Rohrer and Skan work together to produce a new concept of blister machinery for High Potency Tablets and Capsules. The new concept gets around many of the challenges on sealing blisters under containment.
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Our philosophy is to supply you with packaging and assembly machinery that runs and goes on running; Supplying high quality machinery that lasts. Whether you require pharmaceutical machinery, aerosol machines or packaging machinery for the food industry, we are highly experienced in supplying and installing the equipment to suit your factory. Most of our packaging and assembly equipment is built in Germany.

Whatever you are looking for vertical cartoners for novel shapes, palletisers or specialist blister manufacturing equipment for eye care, bag making, inhalation or pharmaceuticals please get in touch with us.

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Vertical Cartoning Machines

We offer a full range of cartoners, from the semi-automatic vertical MiniCompact to the high speed bottle cartoner operating at 300 bottles per minute. Whether you need a cartoner to pack wound dressings for the pharmaceutical industry or a cartoning machine for hose clamps we have a solution for you.

Liquid Filling Machines

Our liquid filling machines can be fitted with an array of filling systems to suit different application. Rotating pistons pumps, peristaltic or vacuum fillers are all available. From the compact Monoblock filler capper labeller machine at the speed of 50 bottles per minute to the high speed (240 bottles per minute) turnkey liquid filling lines, we have a solution for you. We are also capable of volumetric fill for even more accuracy.

Blister Machines and beyond

We offer more than just machines. We offer a complete blister development and prototyping service. The Resulting blister pack is designed with full scale production in mind. As the product grows we can offer both rental or small scale production equipment as well as production scale machinery. Rohrer both build blister machinery and make tooling for blister forming and sealing machines. As a result Rohrer blister machines are able to form and seal the most precise, detailed blisters. Aluminium or PP blisters can be formed on their blister machines for both inhalation cavities or other single unit dose packs.

Tablet Counter

Our tablet counting machines are very popular mostly because of the new Monoblock Tablet Counter. With an integrated Cremer counting unit which provides 100% count accuracy, this tablet counting machine cleans the bottles, check their weight, fill them, cap, seal, and uniquely label! All this with the smallest footprint on the market.

Gantry Robots, Palletisers

Gantry palletising robots are able to span multiple lines and carry out multiple tasks simultaneously. These tasks could include palletising, de-palletising or re-palletising. Up to four robots can work inside the same working area. The resulting robotic systems they are flexible, compact and expandable More on gantry palletisation
Re-palletising from chep and other pallets onto smaller pallets or dollies? Building Mixed pallets? Our fully modular Palletisers are able to do the task. The Gantry Palletisers flexible working range allows us to maximise the robots utilisation which ultimately means you can minimise initial capital costs.
The same robot can (de-)palletise, buffer or order pick cases, totes, kegs, crates and much more.

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Special Feature: Palletisers and De Palletisers

Central Palletiser with Wrapper

Gantry robots offer a flexible approach to (de-)palletising. They have unique benefits over their counterparts. Unlike the Articulated arm Robot they make direct point to point movements. Furthermore . . .

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