Raupack Supplies Machinery for Packaging and Assembly in the UK and Ireland

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Raupack Supplies Machinery for Packaging and Assembly in the UK and Ireland

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Latest News:

Opitz Volume Reducing Case Sealer
Fri, 24 January 2020

Packaging Inefficiency is Verboten!

Cartons too standard? Products too varied? Time was a Click and Collect Christmas Reindeer decoration came in a box big enough for a fridge, surrounded by clouds of polystyrene squiggles . . .
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Eco friendly box closing machines
Fri, 16 November 2018
Opitz range of box erecting and case closing machines apply recyclable gummed paper tape instead of self adhesive tape. Their volume reducing box closers offer dispatch operations a faster and more sustainable return on investment . They eliminate plastic from the package.
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Opitz installs Case Erector at Internet Business fulfillment Centre
Fri, 14 September 2018
Opitz has installed another Case erector at a Fulfilment centre in the midlands. This is the second case erecting machine to be installed at this customers site. The fulfilment centre is for internet orders that are picked direct to the end customer.
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New Machinery Developments:

Cartoner that Counts into CartonsBautz Supplies Aerosol Can Buttoning Machine AeroSAM for Lubricant Spray Heads with Spray TubesDouble Dosing Stick Pack and Sachet MachinesRohrer Develops RS570 Small Scale Sterile Blister Sealing Machine
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