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Aerosol Valve Function Tester

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VFT60 Aerosol Valve Function Tester


Aerosol Valve Function Tester
Aerosol Valve Function Tester - Raupack UK and Ireland

VFT 60 Valve Functioner Tester for Aerosols with integrated check weigher Raupack UK and IrelandVFT 60 Valve Functioner Tester for Aerosols Raupack UK and IrelandAerosol Valve Function Tester Raupack UK and Ireland

Model VFT60 VFT200
Speed 60 per minute 200 per minute
Format range25 mm Diamter Cans
The output of the aerosol valve function tester can go up to 200 aerosol cans per minute.

Operation steps

  • The scroll brings the aerosol cans to machine-separation distance.
  • The aerosol cans are taken from the conveyor, served 180° in ready-for-use position, and passed over to the carrousel.
  • The carrousel consists of 16 stations. Each station disposes over an infrared-reflective sensor. In the carrousel , the valves of the dosing aerosol cans are pressed by a mechanical lever-system. This is done in 4 ranges, over fixed curves. Both, first spray-ranges serve to fill-up the valves. In the 3rd and 4th range, the infrared-reflective sensors are activated to measure the spray-jet.
  • The function control must recognize the good from the refused parts and has to distinguish and register the defects as follows:
    • Duration spray
    • No-sprayer
    • Stuck valves
  • The outflow-star takes the dosing aerosol cans out of the carrousel, the defective cans are taken out and ejected, the good-parts are put on the outflow conveyor, in transporting position.
  • The available suction system, extracts the sprayed active substances out of the machine.
  • The valves measured are further in the Peripheric-device ET 200, in the carrousel. They are optically transmitted from the rotating carrousel to the stationary SPS-steering and from here out evaluated.
  • When defects occur or when the emergency-stop switch is actuated , the machine stops immediately and the inflow-block opens only after reaching operating speed.
  • The two ejection chambers serve for separate reception of the aerosol cans to be ejected. In each of the allocated chambers, alternatively the defective cans and on the other hand the cans, who were in the carrousel during the empty running, are ejected. The aerosols, eliminated during empty running can be recuperated into the machine.


  • Metered dose Aerosol Cans

Main Benefits

  • Continuous Motion
  • Primes valve prior to measurement
  • Infra-red reflective sensors to measure spray.
  • Measure duration, no sprays, and stuck aerosol valves
  • Option to integrate knurling station to aid anti-counterfeiting

Technical Features


Bautz Delivers Development scale Aerosol Valve Function Tester with integrated Check Weigher
3/28/2018 2:59:02 PM

Bautz has recently shipped an Aerosol Valve Function Tester for MDI inhalation aerosols. The customer was looking for a flexible machine to use in Product development. He wanted to be able to set the number of sprays as well as spray duration. Weigh cells were to measure the amount discharged. Bautz developed the VFT 60 in response to their customers requirements.
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Bautz is currently building an Aerosol Valve Function Tester with integrated Checkweigher and valve return force verification
11/17/2017 5:34:25 PM

Bautz is currently building a valve function tester for MDI inhalation aerosols. The VFT60 is based on their established optical valve function testers already in the field in the pharmaceutical industry. The VFT 60 valve function tester they are building will have two integrated weigh cells. The first weigh cell will check weigh incoming cans. The second weigh cell will verify the weight after spray off has taken place.
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