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an300 Stick Pack Machine

Development Stick Pack Packaging


Small scale stick pack machine an300
Small scale stick pack machine an300 - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model an300
Speed Approx. 50-60 cycles/min on 1-4 lanes
Format range30-150mm length
The an300 small scale development stick pack machine is ideal for productions with low volume and for market testing purposes. It is the perfect solution for companies covering market niches or producing special products for sampling purposes.
This unit has the capability to handle foil width of up to 300mm and run with up to 4 lanes with speeds of up to 220 stick packs per minute, subject to product dimensions. The minimum length that the unit would handle is 30mm and the maximum is 160mm. The main motion of the machine is controlled by servomotor for higher repeatability. The temperature of each sealing jaw can be calibrated individually, all via the HMI, where multiple recipes are stored and can be chosen. The an300 stick pack machine can run stick packs with width of 14-80mm.
The an300 multilane stick pack unit has a flexible and compact design suitable for any product (granular, pieces, liquid or powder). We can install various filling systems such as volumetric filler, piston pumps, flowmeter, timing filler and auger filler. In order to access the machine there is no tool needed and the design is ergonomic for easy cleaning. Our aim for downtime reduction combined with a user friendly and simple design plus high OEE makes our stick pack machines perfect for optimal implementation and performance.


  • Powder
  • Liquid
  • Solid
  • Cream

Main Benefits

  • Fast changeover
  • Compact design
  • Easy cleaning

Technical Features

  • Servo driven
  • OEE > 95%

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