Automatic Table Top Labeller

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Automatic Table Top Labeller

Small Scale Labelling Units


Table Top labeller with integrated Turntable


Automatic Table Top Labeller
Automatic Table Top Labeller - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model ET50
Speed 60/min
Format rangeMax label width: 160mm
The E-50/E-500 labellers are suitable for round containers. The ET-50 is a compact table top unit designed for smaller batches. This labeller can reach the speed of 60 containers per minute. Format change is fast and easy. The labeller is easy to set up and complies with the GMP guidelines. Chassis and body are made of stainless steel and anodized aluminium. Two guides in height and depth coordinates ensure accurate labelling.

The big brother of the E-50, the E-500 is capable of handling larger containers due to its’ larger belt height.


  • Plastic containers
  • Round containers
  • Glass containers

Main Benefits

  • Compact design
  • Quick changeover
  • Can be integrated into packaging line
  • High accuracy, repeatability

Technical Features

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