Blister Machine for High Potency

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Blister Machine for High Potency

Drug Blister Packer with Containment


Blister Machine for High Potency Drugs
Blister Machine for High Potency Drugs - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model RS960HP
Speed 60 cycles per minute
Format range190 x 240 mm
The RS960HP Blister Packer was designed and built for packaging of high-potency drugs providing unique fully contained and integrated systems for the safe and flexible development and production of highly active compounds up to class 4. The blister machine can handle different products without the risk of cross contamination.

The first station of the RS960HP Blister Packer is the cold or thermoforming station. Here the base foil is formed into cavities that will hold the drugs. After forming, the foil passes into the isolator where products are loaded.

The integrated isolator allows the operators to work without wearing protective clothes. This integration also eliminates potential interface difficulties between the blister machine and the isolator. The design is optimised to ensure perfect airflow both inside and outside of the isolator.

Inside the isolator a so-called Cold-Sealing-Process creates and seals an envelope around the blister, using ultrasonic welding. An integrated cleaning system ensures that the uncut blisters that leave the isolator are fully cleaned.

Outside the isolator the blister is heat sealed and subsequently perforated and punched.

Cleaning Process

The ergonomic design of the high potency blister machine allows rapid cleaning to take place.

Adjustable Stations

The stations are separately adjusted automatically by servo drives to avoid the chance of damage to the product which is critical in an environment where high potency drugs are handled.


The design of the blister machine enables fast and easy format changes. The integrated sensors verify that all tools are in their correct place.

Modular Design

The modular design of the RS960HP Blister Packer allows us to meet a wide range of customer requirements. All stations are built as separate modules enabling flexible configuration of the machine.


  • High Potency Drugs

Main Benefits

  • Small isolator
  • Stations auto-align to web
  • Design enables small WIP area
  • Two stage sealing
  • OEB level 6 containment

Technical Features


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Rohrer and Skan work together to produce a new concept of blister machinery for High Potency Tablets and Capsules. The new concept gets around many of the challenges on sealing blisters under containment.
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