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Blister Prototyping and Development

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The basic technology behind blister packing machinery goes back some decades, but very often old assumptions continue to be made when designing new blister formats. This can be critical in seeking optimum material usage, a deep formed pocket or a thermo-form or cold formed blister suitable for a new drug or device.

Rohrer of Switzerland have been innovating steadily in this machinery field and working with universities, web research organisations and clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector to develop not just a blister pack format for your needs, but the optimum pack.

For Rohrer, the first step in blister pack design is a Finite Element Analysis (FEM) of the material stretch. Analysis is usually carried out over a quarter of the blister pack as for standard packs, this is a good mimic of the whole pack. By use of specialist software, Rohrer can then model the stress on each part of the foil during forming in the machine. In this way pack design is optimised, stresses risking pin holing are reduced and the steepest draft angles can be utilised to save on blister forming materials and reduce end packaging and transport costs.

Pack design can be further enhanced by detailed measurement of test blisters made on a blister packer and then by SEM inspection of critical parts of the finished blister pack.

Filled Blisters can be manufactured for stability feasibility samples allowing the customer to prove their product before investing in costly machinery.

Blister Design to a Functional Specification . Sometimes the customer is looking for a specific function. A blister which mixes two liquids or breaks at a particular point at a particular pressure. The blister development service can design and manufacture blisters to meet specific functional requirements.

Following successful blister prototyping either a semi-automatic R550 or R760 blister machine or Fully automatic Blister packer can be purchased or rented to produce the finished packs.


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5/10/2010 8:47:43 AM

Raupack is delighted to announce that it has become the UK Agent for Rohrer AG, Processing & Packaging Technology Division.
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