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Bottle Cleaning Machines

Bottle Air Cleaning Machines


Bottle air blower and cleaner, ABM 400


Air Rinsing Machine
Air Rinsing Machine - Raupack UK and Ireland

Nozzles on Bottle Cleaning Machine Raupack UK and IrelandShelf for containers on Manual Bottle Cleaning Machine Raupack UK and IrelandLoading into Manual Bottle Cleaning Machine Raupack UK and IrelandFormat Part for Manual Bottle Cleaning Machine Raupack UK and IrelandManual Bottle Cleaning Machine Raupack UK and IrelandAir Rinsing Machine Raupack UK and Ireland

Model DAB 200 ABM 400 ABM 600 ABM 800 AIL 1000
Speed Manual 60bpm 90bpm 120bpm 120bpm
Format rangeD <90mm, H <130mm D <90mm, H <130mm D <65mm, H <130mm D <50mm, H <130mm D <85mm, H <180mm
Our air bottle cleaning machines are of particular interest because of the long cleaning cycle time of up to 3 seconds. Throughout the cleaning the bottles are held fully upside down enabling rigorous cleaning of flat shouldered bottles and paper off cuts and dust or glass. With speeds from 40-200 bottles per minute the elegant bottle transport even allows bottles in pucks to be handled.

The air rinsing machines are available for the full range of speeds as either semi automatic units, single lane and double lane high speed units up to 200 bottles per minute. In standard design, bottle diameter of up to 80mm and bottle height of up to 200 mm can be handled.

    Bottle Cleaning Module AI1000

  • Designed for fast changeover (15 min)
  • Pulsing blow but no vacuum
  • Bottles sealed to rinse unit
  • Bypass possible

    Bottle Cleaning Module Series ABM

  • Small space is required for the machine
  • Cleaning process can be validated
  • Direct cleaning of containers, not only cleaning by passing some fixed nozzles
  • Cleaning nozzle enters the bottle
  • Simultaneous pulsing blowing and sucking
  • Bottle is „closed“ during cleaning, so controlled atmosphere during cleaning
  • Transportation and cleaning at the same time = higher efficency
  • Very small number of container related size parts
  • Monitoring of air-pressure during cleaning-cycle

    The DAB 200 semi-automatic Bottle Cleaner
    The DAB 200 is designed for small batches and short runs.

  • The Bottles are manually placed upside down into the machine.
  • Two bottles are cleaned in each cycle
  • Whilst two are being cleaned the next/previous two bottles are loaded/unloaded.
  • Automatic starting of cleaning cycle when bottles are pushed above the air rinsing station.
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Height Adjustable shelf for holding containers
  • No electrics
  • Requires air supply
  • Transport through the machine is manual.
  • Casters allow the machine to be wheeled around the factory


  • Plastic containers
  • Glasses
  • Jars
  • Pots

Main Benefits

  • Fast changeover
  • Pulsing blow and suck
  • Bottles sealed to rinse unit
  • Bypass possible
  • Small footprint
  • Cleaning process can be validated

Technical Features


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