Centrifugal Disk Feeders

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Centrifugal Disk Feeders

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Cap Disk Feeder Capable of 1000 per min
Cap Disk Feeder Capable of 1000 per min - Raupack UK and Ireland

Our centrifugal cap feeder is designed for high outputs and smooth handling of small plastic parts for feeding assembly machinery and other industrial processes. The disk feeder is able to singulate items such as plastic cap and value components at speeds of up to 1000 items per minute.

We feed both our intermittent and continuous motion assembly machines in this way where the component is suitable.

Centrifugal feeding bowls

Bulk components are delivered into the systems at a high level, either from the floor above, a pneumatic conveyor or a floor based bulk hopper with an elevator. They fall into a channel where are large disc with format specific cutouts separates them into individual items. They are then brought upwards to where they are orientated, resulting in a single lane feed of sorted plastic components for the assembly system.

Bunker systems

We supply bulk hoppers with component elevators ( utilising a food grade flighted belt) for feeding the disc sorter. Typically the bulk hopper volume is 120l., but other capacities of hopper can be supplied according to the size of the component to be assembly and the speed of the down stream assembly machine.

Bottle cap component feeding systems

The main application for this sorting technology is feeding our continuous motion assembly machines with round or small plastic components such as caps or spray pumps parts to be assembled or plastic parts for medical device applications.

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