Fermpress Lever Operated Vial Crimper

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Fermpress Lever Operated Vial Crimper

Fermpress Manual Vial Crimper


Fermpress Lever Operated Crimper
Fermpress Lever Operated Crimper - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model C45
Speed 10 crimps/min
Format range8-32mm Aluminium seals
The Fermpress Crimper is lever operated to allow fast and simple crimping of Bottles and Vials in the Pharmaceutical industry. The bottles are held into the jaws of the crimp head and closed by pushing the lever down.

All crimping tools are fully supported and can be serviced to ensure long life.

a screw thread hold the jaws which can be unscrewed and replaced with different sized crimping heads.


  • Vial Crimping of Aluminium Crimp Seals

Main Benefits

  • Simple Hand Operation
  • Fermpress Crimp Head
  • Exchangeable crimp head for different sizes

Technical Features

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