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Flexible Case Erectors

Flexible Carton Erector


Flexible Case Erector with Double Magazine


Case Erector GO 795
Case Erector GO 795 - Raupack UK and Ireland

Flexible Case Erector with Double Magazine Raupack UK and IrelandCase Erector GO 795 Raupack UK and Ireland

Model GO 795 Single GO 795 Twin GO 795 Triple
Speed 12 10 8
The GO case erectors are designed to maximise flexibility and performance. The use of multiple magazines allows the production of different sized cartons simultaneously. This is important in warehouse and dispatch applications where the product mix is not consistent. It is also suited to product environments where required output by line is low and the GO 795 can be used to supply multiple lines.

The GO 795 can be supplied with Hot melt closure, self adhesive tape or gummed tape. Gummer tape closure provides the seal required for air freight.


  • Disptach
  • Warehouse
  • Low output per line multi-line applications
  • Hand Loading

Main Benefits

  • less than 5 minute changeover
  • Up to 3 different case sizes simultaneously
  • Changeover one case while others still running

Technical Features

  • Roller Doors to allow maintenance whilst running
  • Macralon Guards
  • Stainless Steel design upon request

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