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fs1000 Sachet Machine

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fs1000 Multilane flat sachet machine
fs1000 Multilane flat sachet machine - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model fs1000
Speed Up to 1050 sachets per minute on up to 14 lanes
Format range25mm - 150mm width
The fs1000 is a flat sachet multilane machine designed to cover the needs of the Food, Beverage, Cosmetic and Chemical industries. It can be adapted to work with any type of product – regardless of whether it is in pieces, granular, powder, cream or liquid form. We can incorporate volumetric fillers, auger fillers, piston pumps, flowmeters, timing fillers and counting fillers. With a simple and compact design, the fs1000 offers quick access without tools to main components, allows a fast and easy changeover and it is made of high resistance and long durability materials. The main motion of the machine is servomotorised for repeatability and the highly accurate filling is controlled from the HMI. All this helps to reduce downtime and drives to an OEE over 95%. The touch screen also allows you to independently calibrate the temperature of each sealing jaw. Multiple recipes can be stored in the HMI for seemless changeover between your products. As its name fs1000 suggests the maximum reel width is 1000mm which allows from 2 to up to 14 lanes depending on your product requirements. The fs1000 sachet machine can handle individual sachet widths of up to 150mm. The maximum output the machine is able to achieve is 1050 sachets per minute. We can provide gas flushing if you have such enquiry in order to gain better shelf-life for your product and there is a possibility to have 1 or 2 tear notch on the same sachet. Additional features on the machine include printer (Laser/Thermoprinter/Inkjet/Thermotransfer), non-stop automatic reel splicer, anti-static bar or UV lamp. We provide full customer service throughout your machines life and in case you have any issues with the unit, remote diagnosis via an ethernet port enables us to tackle anything from the moment you report it to us. Downtime reduction, our personalised customer service and the high level of Overall Equipment Efficiency all lead to a solution with optimal implementation and performance.


  • Pieces Granular Powder Liquid Cream

Main Benefits

  • Fast changeover via HMI
  • Easy access to clean machine
  • Multiple recipes

Technical Features

  • Servo driven fill control
  • Servo driven main motion
  • OEE over 95%
  • Optional tear notch sachet
  • Optional gas flushing

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