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High Speed Blister Machine

High Speed Blister Packer


High Speed Blister Machine BMP 250
High Speed Blister Machine BMP 250 - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model BMP 250 BMP 200
Speed 600 Blister Per Minute
Format rangeMax Blister Size: 205 x 160 mm Max Blister rows: 5 Forming depth: < 12 mm
When quality and Flexibility matter the BMP 250 blister packer is right for the job. The BMP 250 is an indexing machine with a rotary punching station. This allows outputs of up to 600 blisters per minute to be achieved.

Tablet Feeding Systems

The BMP 250 blister machine can be fitted with various different tablet feeding systems:
  • Brush box for high flexibility
  • Channel Feeder for shaped tablets
  • Drum Feeder

Downstream machinery that can be supplied integrated with this blister machine includes:

  • Cartoing machines
  • Sleeve Wrappers
  • Case Packers
  • Palletisers


  • Tablets
  • Capsules

Main Benefits

  • Rotary Punching
  • Fully Servo Driven
  • Fast Changeover
  • Feeding of Tablets with Brush Box, Drum or Channel Feeder

Technical Features

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