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High Speed Universal Labeller

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High Speed Labelling Machine
High Speed Labelling Machine - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model HSL 250
Speed Max. 250 bottles/min
Our high speed bottle labelling machines were designed for the highest overall equipment efficiency possible. The major aim to achieve was to reduce the time needed for size changeovers. This machine is suitable for a wide range of labels in size. The only part of the machine that has to be changed is the label reel itself. It is possible because the machine can accommodate round bottles of varying heights and diameters without using sizeparts. The grippers that hold the bottles are controlled by the HMI. Each recipe determines the opening of the grippers which then transfer the bottles in the machines linear transport at the speed of 250 bottles per minute. Small servo motors move the guides up or out to accommodate the different heights and diameters. Even the height of the label printer is controlled by the recipe. Having all this in mind your only task is to ensure the correct reel is put in the dispenser.

Moreover, this labelling machine can be fitted with an over-cap placing module with no speed reduction. Our portfolio of bottle labelling machines does not end here. For small areas we can offer our compact Monoblock filler, capper and labeller at the speed of 50 bottles per minute. Despite its small footprint (around 2 square metres of space), it represents a whole line. If needed, an integrated checkweighing option is available for tablet counting or liquid filling projects. Here the designers also paid attention to reduce the time of changeover, only a single starwheel and a number of guides are needed to be changed for a different bottle size.


  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles

Main Benefits

  • Optional integrated over-cap station
  • Changeover through HMI
  • Adjustable grippers (no changeparts)

Technical Features

  • Optional fitting of over-cap placing module


Labelling 250 bottles in a minute without sizeparts?
7/29/2014 7:29:28 AM

The German built DEM Labeller was designed with maximum OEE in mind. Size changeover times have been slashed. The only part to exchange is the label reel itself. The labeller is designed to accommodate round bottles of varying heights and diameters without the use of sizeparts. All this is possible at a speed of 250 bottles per minute.
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