In Vitro Diagnostics Filling Machine

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In Vitro Diagnostics Filling Machine

Wet Well, Cartridge Filling and Sealing Machinery


Diagnostics Cartridge Filling Machine Turret
Diagnostics Cartridge Filling Machine Turret - Raupack UK and Ireland

Our cartridge and wet well filling machine is able to dosing of different diagnostic liquids at volumes of between 70 – 1.150 µl. The machine automatically fills liquid and suspensions and subsequently seals the cartridges. Cartridges can be feed in bulk and unscrambled or a tray handling system can be integrated onto the cartridge filling machine. Foil is fed from reel stock, cut and then placed onto the cartridges. Once on the cartridge the cartridge filling and sealing machine heat seals the foil.

The machine can also automatically insert a wet well strip into the cartridge. Assay pots and remp tubes can also be positioned onto the cartridge using pick and place systems. Finally, labels can be printed and applied on to the cartridge. Incorporated into the machine are measures to ensure the correct liquids, filling heights are checked and remp tubes are dispensed and only good product is discharged.

Liquid cartridge filling machine process steps

  1. In-feed of the wet well from bulk or tray
  2. Wet well in-feed into the turret using pick and place unit
  3. Check for presence and positioning of the product in the turret
  4. Dosing of liquid, using a pump for each product to be filled
  5. Dosing of suspension on Pipetting station for dosing of the continuously agitated suspension fluid
  6. fill level height check using sensor or camera
  7. Foil unwind from Reel stock
  8. Foil cutting using Guillotine cutting station
  9. Transfer of cut foil onto the wet well
  10. Tack sealing
  11. Lid sealing , Time, temperature and pressure controlled
  12. Pick & Place unit to Discharge the sealed wells
  13. Discharge and labelling
  14. Pick and place unit for placement of the wet wells into a cartridge.

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