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Lab Scale Cappers

Semi Automatic Capping machines

Model Speed
600 Units/hour
1400 units/hour
2000 units/hour



Lab Scale Capping
Lab Scale Capping - Raupack UK and Ireland


Our lab scale capping machines range from small manual screwcapping devices to automatic closing centres. The S-245 has a pneumatic screw motor with push start. Very light device, therefore easy to handle. The drive is reversible so that screwing can be applied for both directions. The screw head can be changed quickly without the need of tools.

Our S-400 unit has been designed to have small footprint but achieve high speed. The maximum output of the S-400 is 1400 units/hour, the format change between different products is less than 1 minute. The S-400 unit can be used in clean rooms.

The S-650 Screwing machine has been designed with a rotary wheel to separate and transport the bottles. The maximum throughput is 2000 units/hour and despite the rotary wheel the changeover is easy and quick. The screwing is pneumatic, but optionally electrical screwing is available. The S-650 can be used in clean rooms and isolators as well.


  • Capping or Vials
  • Closing of Bottles or Containers

Main Benefits

  • Compact
  • Pneumatic or Electric Versions Available
  • GMP Compliant
  • Easy and fast handling
  • Changeable screw head, no tools needed

Technical Features

  • Pneumatic screw motor with push start
  • Left /right reversible drive
  • Continuously adjustable torque
  • Skid resistant grip plate


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