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Lab Scale Crimping

Fermpress Small Scale Crimper

Model SpeedFormat Range
1200 per hour
3 ml-1000 ml Vials



Lab Scale Crimping Machines
Lab Scale Crimping Machines - Raupack UK and Ireland


Our range of lab scale crimping machines starts with hand operated crimping units and ends with a semi-automatic space saving monoblock unit.

Manual Crimping Unit C-46

The smallest unit is the C-46 crimper which uses pneumatic crimping head and operates without electricity. The vials are manually placed under the crimping head after which the crimping force can be applied by moving down the lever. Due to its physical characteristics, the C-46 is very portable. Ideal for laboratories or manufacturers.

Table Top Crimper C-220

The next step in our range of crimping machines is the C-220. This unit also uses pneumatic crimp head which can be changed very quickly. The bottles are held under the crimping jaws, but the crimping process is actuated by a foot pedal. Capable of crimping containers up to 1000 ml. Very easy to operate, can be used in sterile environment.

Semi-automatic Crimper C-400

The C-400 crimping unit is designed for modern laboratories and its process can be validated. The bottle is placed onto the crimp table and the process is operated by both hands. By pressing the two buttons on the side of the crimper the crimping process is actuated.

Monoblock Crimper C-650

The last step in the range of crimping machine is the semi-automatic C-650 crimper with monoblock structure for space saving purposes. The speed can reach 1300 units/hour and can be used as a fully automatic unit as well. The bottles arrive in one lane to the intermittent motion starwheel which separates them. The crimping force is applied at the crimping station after the caps are fed onto the vials. Suitable for sterile environment.


  • Vial Crimping
  • Built for modern laboratories

Main Benefits

  • No electricity needed
  • Excellent mobility (small and light)
  • For modern laboratories or manufacturers
  • Fast change of crimp head
  • GMP and Annex 1 conform
  • Sterilisable
  • Easy handling
  • Fast change of crimp head

Technical Features

  • Pneumatic operation


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