Lab Scale Filling and Closing

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Lab Scale Filling and Closing

Lab scale filler and capper

Model SpeedFormat Range
FC-80020/minDia. < 100 mm
Height < 230 mm



Lab Scale Filling and Capping
Lab Scale Filling and Closing Centre
Lab Scale Liquid Filling and Capping


Lab Scale Liquid Filling and Capping Centre
Lab Scale Liquid Filling and Capping Centre - Raupack UK and Ireland


Highly regarded table top machines are what our customers repeatedly asked for. They wanted to integrate compact, flexible filling and closing machines into packaging lines. Changeover was to be carried out by operators without the need for tools. The possibility of using such a machine in sterile environment was also a requirement.

Hence the FC-800 was born, meeting pay back requirements of small companies and large companies with small volume of products.

The FC-800 filling and closing unit uses a scroll transport throughout the whole machine, making the changeover quicker and cost effective. The scroll separates the bottles which then are transferred underneath the filling station. After the accurate and quick filling of product the bottles are transferred to the capping or crimping station where the packaging process ends. The closing system can handle stoppers, snap on caps, crimp closures as well as screw caps.


  • Cream
  • Water
  • Gels

Main Benefits

  • Quick tool-less size change-over
  • Synopac peristaltic pump
  • Crimp, screw and/or snap on cap closure
  • Clean room compatible
  • GMP Annex 1 compliant
  • Laminar Air Flow option
  • Optional automatic closure feeding

Technical Features

  • Modern Synopac Peristaltic pump, Gear pump or Auger filler for powder
  • Stoppers, crimp, screw and/or snap on cap closure
  • Scroll Transport
  • Control Cabinet under machine plate
  • HMI with touch screen
  • Torque:0.5 Nm up to 3.0 Nm
  • Air consumption:approx 78 Litres/min at 6 Bar
  • Weight: approx 400 Kg
  • Materials:Stainless Steel, Al, Plastic
  • Dimensions: 1600 x 600 x 1800 mm


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