Lab scale Seal and Punch

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Lab scale Seal and Punch

Small scale Sealing unit


 - Raupack UK and Ireland

RD06 Seal and Punch Raupack UK and IrelandRD06 Seal and Punch Raupack UK and Ireland Raupack UK and Ireland

Model RD06
Speed 4 cycles per minute
The Rychiger RD 06 is used for feasibility studies and test production runs. It is designed so that the process parameters that are identical to those of the fully automatic production machines that complete the Rychiger range of sealing machines. This means that customers can upscale with confidence knowing that results achieved on the RD06 will be achieved on Machines like the FS200 or FS180. All parameters can be set on the HMI and saved in the recipe. This makes the machine repeatable and reduced run in times to a minimum.


  • Foil sealing of Pre-made containers
  • Medical Device Sealing
  • Diagnostic Cartridges
  • Coffee Capsules

Main Benefits

  • Accurate foil placement
  • Repeatable results
  • Recipe storage of parameters for heating and sealing
  • Fast Run in times

Technical Features

  • Servo controlled movements
  • One step seal and punch

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