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Linear Labeller DEM 100
Linear Labeller DEM 100 - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model DEM 100
Speed Max. 200/min
Format rangeDia. < 90mm
Height < 180mm
Max. dia. of reels: 400mm
Max. height of label-reel: 100mm
Our DEM 100 linear labeller machine is used as a standalone unit usually on a filling and capping line. This labelling machine is capable of reaching the speed of 7200 bottles per hour depending on container and label characteristics. The labeller is capable of 3-sided labelling for rectangular containers and it is ideal for applications where reliability and quick changeover are important as well as throughput. The labelling unit was designed for quick changeover which can be done within 15 minutes. Both square and special shaped products can be labelled with the DEM 100. The labeller can also handle products that are transported in pucks.

Machine working method

The containers are supplied in single-lane to the labelling machine. The containers are separated prior to the labelling station and the labels are applied by a smoothing belt. The containers are transported in single-lane onto the discharge conveyor to the next machine.


  • Square bottles
  • Round bottles
  • Special shaped bottles

Main Benefits

  • 3-sided labelling possible
  • Small footprint
  • Quick changeover
  • Up to 200 bottles/min

Technical Features

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