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Linear Monoblock Counting Machine

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Linear Monoblock Counting Machine

Rake Style Counter Capper

Model SpeedFormat Range
TVR100 Bottles/min and 200 countsBottle Ø < 90 mm and Height < 180 mm, others on request



Linear Rake Monoblock Counting Capping Machine


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The TVR family of counting machines is based on the successful AVR rake style capping machines. Depending on the required count 2,4,6 or even 8 counting modules can be integrated into the machine. The rake transport system is designed to minimise change parts as the wedge shaped pockets in the rake open to accept different diameter bottles. Due to its linear design the machine can be lengthened to fit any number of stations required to fill, cap and tighten the bottle:

    Stations available:
  1. Cleaning, optionally with Deionised Air
  2. Checkweigher, Gross and Tare weigh or just Gross weigh
  3. Capping - screw on on push on
  4. Induction sealing - may impact output
  5. Re-Torqueing
  6. Gas Flushing
  7. Cap Position Verification
  8. Torque Control
  9. Foil in Cap detection
  10. Reject
  11. Camera inspection of tablets or capsules for broken pieces
  12. Automatic Reject of broken tablet or capsule pieces
  13. Feed lift for tablet feeding

Integrating an induction sealer into the machine has significant quality benefits over in-line over the conveyor solutions. This is because sealing when the bottle is stationary allows us to control exactly the amount of energy applied to the cap. This is turns allows the sealing head to feed back the energy usuage and any faulty seals can be rejected.

The TVR can be supplied as part of a full integrated counting line including downstream equipment such as labellers, printers, cartoners, case packers and palletisers and upstream equipment like bottle unscramblers, turn tables and tablet feeders.


  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Oblongs

Main Benefits

  • Fast Changeover from HMI
  • Compact Footprint
  • Can be configured to add most functions

Technical Features

  • Servo Driven for ultimate control and fast changeover
  • Rake transport to reduce bottle change parts
  • Cremer Counting Modules
  • Fast changeover bottle clamps and capping heads.



Deckert Installs Tablet Counting line with 2 Linear Counters feeding High Speed Labeller

18/01/2021 14:04:41

Rudolf Deckert delivered a counting line to a manufacturer of Vitamin Tablets in Germany. The system consisted of 2 linear Monoblock counters and a high speed labeller. Deckert is known for the quality and innovation of their systems. Their systems are designed with fast changeover and high performance in mind.
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