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Micro Filling and Sealing
Micro Filling and Sealing - Raupack UK and Ireland

Micro Filling and Sealing products Raupack UK and IrelandFS200 Liquid Filling and Foil Sealing Machine Raupack UK and IrelandMicro Filling and Sealing Raupack UK and Ireland


For our micro filling machines we use mainly two types of liquid filling techniques, peristaltic and time pressure.

We use our micro fillers together with our blister machinery and our sealing and punching machine as well. Micro filling into cavities is popular in Diagnostics industry where high accuracy and repeatability is crucial. With our special blister development machinery and liquid filling technique we can provide a solution tailored for your needs.

With our micro-dosing units even at as small volumes as 100 ?l a tolerance of +/? 1% can be maintained. An integrated CIP function makes it easier to change over to another liquid.

Besides accurate micro filling, high quality sealing is inevitable to deliver a product with long shelf life. The optimal combination of sealing time, pressure and temperature produce the highest possible seal integrity. Thanks to our experience in the field, we can even assist you in choosing the right materials for the job. Sealing and punching are executed in one step avoiding any misalignment of the foil. Various punching geometries can be used for both aluminium and plastic foils. We use our state of the art sealing technology to close the product ensuring high quality sealing.


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