Monoblock Capsule and Tablet Counter

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Monoblock Capsule and Tablet Counter

Monoblock Tablet Counting, Capper, Labeller

Model SpeedFormat Range
T-AVM60/minDia. < 90mm
Height: 40 - 215mm


Monoblock Table and Capsule Counter, Capper, Labeller
Monoblock Tablet and Capsule Counting Line 758


Monobloc Counter Capper Labelling Machine
Monobloc Counter Capper Labelling Machine - Raupack UK and Ireland

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We have extensive experience in projecting complete tablet counting lines, integrating Cremer tablet and capsule counters into complete bottling lines which we supply. Over the years it has become clear time and time again that size matters. As a result we set out to reduce the footprint of our tablet counting lines:

The first step to tackle this issue was to design the AVM 738E integrated capper/labeller. This enabled us to cap and label on the same machine frame, reducing overall foot print and cost compared to conventional tablet counting lines. This is ideal for low speed applications for which we now have many integrated capping and labelling machines in the field.

Subsequently we fitted a Cremer new 6 lane counting modules onto the starwheel of our capping machine to produce a monoblock counting, capping and labelling machine. Incoming bottles are filled, capped and labelled with a self adhesive wrapround label.

Bottle air cleaning, unscrambling and other standard tablet counting line functions are also available. Bottles can be weighed on the starwheel to confirm the already very high accuracy count of the Cremer counting head.

The complete system can handle bottles up to 75 mm in diameter and 150 mm high and run at up to 2000 bottles an hour, depending on the bottle and the tablet count.


  • Plastic or glass bottles
  • Tablet or capsule filling
  • Labelling for round bottles

Main Benefits

  • Small Footprint
  • Count, Cap, label on same machine
  • Labelling for round containers
  • Optional in line weighing
  • Quick changeover

Technical Features

  • Single Turret
  • 6 Track Cremer Counter
  • Servo Controlled Vibratory Tracks, setting stored in Recipe
  • No cams to adjust under machine frame
  • All settings and timings adjusted from the HMI


Deckert Delivers Compact Tablet Counter with Glove Ports

11/17/2017 5:32:19 PM

Rudolf Deckert has just delivered their popular TVM mono-block tablet counting line fitted with Glove Ports. The customers cancer drug is both dusty and toxic to the operator. Therefore the Tablet Counter and all sorting bowls were covered with polycarbonate hoods. Inside the machine guarding extraction caused an under pressure minimising the escape of toxic dust. Any operator interventions could take place through the glove ports. A rapid transfer port (RTP) was fitted to the tablet infeed to allow containing product loading
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Monobloc Tablet Counter Exhibited at Fachpack is fast becoming a hit

7/29/2014 7:28:42 AM

This tablet counter can multi-task very well. She cleans the bottles, fills them with tablets, caps them and labels them. All the while she has her eyes open and is constantly inspecting the tablets for broken pieces and miscolouring...
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Deckert 120 bottles per minute tablet counting line

3/29/2011 3:29:26 PM

Deckert have recently delivered a 120 pots per minute tablet counting line with a new design of modular capping machine with linear bottle transport using a walking beam.
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New Integrated Tablet Counter Capper Machine

8/3/2010 6:41:09 PM

Deckert have fitted a 6 lane counting module on a standard capping and labelling starwheel and created a monoblock counter, capper and labeller.
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