Nitrogen Density Leak Detection

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Nitrogen Density Leak Detection

Leak Detection by Nitrogen Density

Model SpeedFormat Range
UNIDIM NID2-6 cycles per minuteleak rates as low as 10-5 mbar l/s



Mobile leak testing unit
Mobile leak testing unit - Raupack UK and Ireland


The new NID-leak testing system, patent pending, constantly measures the Nitrogen concentration inside the test chamber. Leaks are detected by measuring the change in Nitrogen concentration due to nitrogen molecules escaping from a test component that has been filled with air or nitrogen.

The UNIDIM NID is suitable for the detection of leak rates as low as 10-5 mbar l/s, rates that previously were only detectable using expensive trace gases. Because the temperature of test pieces does not affect the measurements this method delivers accurate results in challenging production environments. This is particularly relevant to plastic component testing where Temperature fluctuations in the manufacturing process and/or Helium permeation levels can cause problems for other methods. Even flexible materials can be accurately leak detected


  • Flexible materials
  • Nitorgen flushed Blisters, containers or cavities

Main Benefits

  • Uses Cheap Gas Nitrogen or Air
  • Detection not affected by temperature
  • Extremely Accurate
  • Modular Machine Concept - Lab to fully autoamtic machinery
  • Advacned statistical package



New Patented Nitrogen Density Leak Detection

2/23/2014 4:57:43 PM

Liwo has developed a new Leak Detection system based on counting escaping Nitrogen molecules the UNIDIM NID.
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