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Palletisers and De Palletisers

Re-palletising Robots


Raupack Palletiser Range
Gantry robot palletiser, depalletiser
Palletising onto Trays from Cages
Central Palletiser with Wrapper
Gantry Robot Row Gripper
Gantry Robot for Palletising of Sugar Packs


Palletising Robot in Operation
Palletising Robot in Operation - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model FP 150, LP150, FP 300, LP 300
Format rangeUp to 10 x 40 m Working Area
Gantry robots offer a flexible approach to (de-)palletising. They have unique benefits over their counterparts. Unlike the Articulated arm Robot they make direct point to point movements. Furthermore their working area can be huge, as large as 10 x 40m. This means that many low throughput lines can be palletised by one robot. Retrofit of additional robots into the same working area is possible because up to three Robots can be fitted into the same frame. This means that throughput can be dramatically increased at a later date and multiples robots can share their work load. Mixed pallets can be created for customer specific orders. These can include a diversity of product types, for example trays, cases, totes or Kegs. Like other palletizers the Gantry palletsiser can be combined with Transfer cars, Stretch Wrappers and Tray stackers to produce a fully automatic pallet handling system for the end of the packing line. Square working areas are implicit for Gantry palletisers and lend themselves well to most factory layouts.

Gantry Palletiser and De-Palletiser Gripper

The gripper not only the hand but also the heart of the palletiser. Clever gripper design is essential to smooth operation. Standard grippers include Keg Grippers for Casks, Magnetic Grippers for empty tins, Tulip type Bottle Grippers, Horizontal and Vertical clamping grippers or Vacuum Grippers.


  • Order picking
  • Tote, case, can or bottle handling
  • Multiple line palletisation

Main Benefits

  • Direct point to point movement
  • Expandable system

Technical Features



Order Picking in the Deep Freeze: De-layering
12/3/2018 11:23:40 AM

Ro-ber have delivered a robotic de-layering system into a deep freeze, working at temperatures of -27ËšC
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Gantry Robot system installed at UK crisp manufacturer
1/27/2016 3:00:05 PM

In 2015 a Gantry Robot was installed at a UK Crisp manufacturer. The original decision to purchase the Gantry Palletiser was made in part due to the reliable construction of the components which became clear to the customer when he saw a system in operation.
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