Pin hole detection

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Pin hole detection

Pin hole inspection


Pin Hole Detector for Tablet Blister Foil
Pin Hole Detector for Tablet Blister Foil - Raupack UK and Ireland

Speed 300+ detections per minute
Format rangeAny width required
Infrared backlight inspection system designed for detection of micro-tears in thermoformed aluminium - foil laminate or aluminium foil before filling. Our pin hole detection machine detects tears down to 10 microns. The shaped aluminium laminate is illuminated by infrared light before filling. A slit running across the foil transport direction must be milled in the foil guide rail to permit infrared light to pass from transmitter to receiver. Highly sensitive sensors detect the infrared light passing through any pin holes in the foil. Our Pin hole detectors are FDA-21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

    The Standard pinhole detector contains:

  • Transmitter and reciever in aluminium housing with display panel
  • Connecting cable with 16-pin plug
  • 100μ precision pin hole mask with certificate
  • Users manual including installation instructions and writing diagram

    Checklist for Pin hole detector inquiry

    This information is necessary for us to prepare a detailed quote and to process your order quickly. Alternatively, you can request a phone call from us:

  • Type of inspection system
  • Special version or special dimensions
  • Possible space constraints above/below foil guide rail way, clearance, etc.
  • Distance between machine bed (attachment wall) and centre of foil guide rail
  • Foil width and deformation width


  • Aluminium Foil Pinhole detection

Main Benefits

  • Fully Validated CFR 21 Part 11 Compliant
  • Certified Pin Hole Masks to Verify System
  • Self-monitoring

Technical Features

  • 10 micron hole detection
  • SMD LED light bank
  • Robust anodised aluminium housing
  • Precision pin hole masks for sensitivity control available as accessories in a wide range of standard and custom sizes


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