Pneumatic Vial Crimper

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Pneumatic Vial Crimper

Air Operated Vial Crimper

Model SpeedFormat Range
C40010 crimps/min8-32mm Alumium seals



Two Hand Operating Crimping Unit
Two Hand Operating Crimping Unit - Raupack UK and Ireland


Designed for modern laboratories, the C400 is a two handed air operated vial crimper. It is designed for either aluminium seals for vials or to apply press on caps.

Sequence of Operation

  1. The stoppered vial is placed on the machine table.
  2. The Aluminium Seal is placed over the Orifice of the Container
  3. Both hands are needed to simultaneously press the actuation buttons to the left and right of the unit
  4. The Bottle is removed from the crimper.

The pneumatic parts of this crimping unit are by FESTO. This crimper can also be used in sterile environment as it complies to GMP, CE and Annex 1.


  • Aluminium Cap Seals for Vials and Stoppers
  • Press on Caps

Main Benefits

  • Double button safe operation
  • Crimp or Press on
  • Exchangeable heads
  • Table for containers
  • Annex 1 Compliant


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