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Pump assembly Machines

Lotion Pump assembly equipment


Lotion Pump Assembly Equipment Turret
Lotion Pump Assembly Equipment Turret - Raupack UK and Ireland

Spray pump assembly for lotion, liquid or aerosol pumps on continuous motion machines at speeds of up to 550 pumps per minute. Our intermittent motion machines are capable of delivering 60 units per minute with 1 head and 240 units per minute with 4 heads. All of the machines are designed to the highest quality and accuracy.
    The process steps include the following:
  • Dip tube cutting with a possibility of producing three different length of outcomes at the speed of 550 units per minute
  • Spring assembly with spring sorting and feeding. No tangled springs!
  • Ball bearing assembly
  • Leak testing to verify the can is not leaking.

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