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Rotary Capping Machines

Rotary Cappers

Model SpeedFormat Range
AVM 738
60 bottles/minDia. < 90mm
Height: 40-215mm



Bottle screw capping machine
Pump and diptube insertion and capping
Tray Loader for vials or bottles


Capping Machine Spindle
Capping Machine Spindle - Raupack UK and Ireland


This modular Capping Machine has the flexibility to handle dip tubes, push on caps and screw caps. The AVM capper is mechanically driven with an under-frame integrated control cabinet. Uniquely, a labelling station can be integrated into this machine for round containers making the unit space efficient. The bottles are fed in a single lane to the machines star-wheel. Sorting and feeding devices feed the caps to the capping heads where the caps are applied onto the bottles. These capping heads can be torque controlled using either servo or clutches. Additionally, an induction sealing unit can also be integrated to the machine. This can be placed between a capping and re-torqueing head.

    Stations that can be mounted on the AVM 738

  • Air Rinse. A nozzle pulses air into the bottle
  • Nitrogen Purge can be fitted to flush both container and the underside of the cap before closing. The whole machine can be enclosed and nitrogen purged.
  • Check-weighing, Gross and tare
  • Filling, Liquid, powder or Tablet
  • Press-on Cap
  • Crimp
  • Screw Cap
  • Induction Sealing
  • Re-Torqueing
  • Labelling for round containers
  • Reject


  • ROPP Caps
  • CRC Caps
  • Aerosol Buttons
  • Press on Caps
  • Corks

Main Benefits

  • Special shaped caps and containers
  • Orientation of closure to container
  • Integrated labelling possible
  • Press-on, Screw or Crimp

Technical Features

  • Flexible, modular Capping Machine
  • Several options available including integrated labelling, induction sealing



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10/05/2010 08:49:11

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