Rotary Fermpress Vial Crimper

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Rotary Fermpress Vial Crimper

Lab Scale Vial Crimper


Rotary Fermpress Vial Crimper
Rotary Fermpress Vial Crimper - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model C650
Speed 20 crimps/min
Format range8-32mm Alumiunium vial seals
Containers size: 3ml < 100ml
The C650 vial crimper consists of a Ferm-press Crimper mounted over a rotary table. designed for small batches up to 1200 units per hour the C650 provides the next step in Automation of smaller batch runs.

The crimping jaws can be exchanged quickly for another crimping jaw or a press-on capping head making the C650 vial crimping machine suitable for use as a cap closer for press on Caps.


  • Vials
  • Stoppered Bottles
  • Flip-on Caps

Main Benefits

  • Exchangeable Crimping Heads or Press on Capper
  • Simple Compact Operation
  • Fast Changeover
  • Caps can be hand or automatically fed
  • GMP, CE and Annex 1 compliant
  • Can be used in Sterile Environment

Technical Features

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