Semi automatic Vertical Cartoner

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Semi automatic Vertical Cartoner

Manual Vertical Cartoner


Semi Automatic Cartoner for E-Cigarettes, Nasal or Ear Drops
Cartoner with Tamper Evident Labeller
Semi automatic vertical cartoner with automatic multiple leaflet insertion
Semi automatic vertical cartoner
Compact Cartoner for Manual Vertical Cartoning


Semi-automatic vertical cartoner CCM-MV
Semi-automatic vertical cartoner CCM-MV - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model CCM-MV
Speed 30-40 cartons per minute
Format rangeLength: 15mm - 180mm
Depth: 12mm - 120mm
Height: 45mm - 250mm
Our semi-automatic cartoners erect flat cartons from a magazine and depending on operator speed the machine can run at 30-40 cartons per minute. Our machines can be designed for special shaped cartons, such as Ballotins, Pillow Packs, Curves, Trapeziums, etc.

A light sensor curtain verifies if the hand of the operator is inside the machine frame which stops the machine from moving. After the operator removes his hand the machine will index to the next position. This means that the operator controls the pace of the machine. A capacitive sensor can verify the placement of the product. If no product has been placed into the box the machine raises a fault and waits for the operator to load the carton.


  • Special shaped products that are difficult to handle with pick and place units
  • Manual insertion of products with automatic leaflet insertion
  • Tuck or Glue Flaps

Main Benefits

  • Tuck-in and glue closure possible
  • Small footprint
  • Quick and easy changeover
  • Pace Determined by Operator
  • Available for Rent

Technical Features

  • Capacitive Sensor to Verify product placement
  • Seimens Controller
  • Nordson ProBlue

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