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Serialisation Tamper Evident Labeller

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Serialisation Tamper Evident Labeller

Serialisation Machine

Model SpeedFormat Range
Amacoder50, 100 or 150 cartons per minute
Width 20 - 200 mm
Length 55 - 300 mm
Height 20 -150 mm



Amacoder Serialisation Tamper Evident Labeller


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Amacoder Serialisation Tamper Evident Labeller HMI Raupack UK and IrelandAmacoder Serialisation Tamper Evident Labeller In-feed Raupack UK and Ireland Raupack UK and Ireland


The Amacoder Tamper Evident Labeller and Serialisation machine is targeted at contract packers where small batch sizes drive the need for flexibility and fast changeover often with a modest investment. The machine runs at 50 cycles per minute. The output of the machine is dependant on the carton width. For cartons from 20 to 65 mm the machine can reach outputs of up to 150 per minute. Cartons from 66 - 100 mm achieve up to 100/min and 101 - 200 mm wide cartons achieve 50/min.

Data interfaces to the core

The Amacoder Tamper Evident Labeller is designed to enable the customer to implement a full serialisation solution that includes both hardware and software. To this end the Amacoder comes Level 1,2 and 3 interfaces as standard and Level 4 as an additional option. Reporting and order management is also standard. Customer specific interfaces can be programmed as required.


  • Serialisation
  • Labelling
  • Coding

Main Benefits

  • Fast tool-less changeover
  • No change parts
  • Integrated Serialisation Data
  • Length only 1m
  • Order Management possible from the HMI or inter/intranet
  • Data Communication with Partners or Authorities
  • Reporting Tools

Technical Features

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Pharma Code Verification
  • Optional Amacena Fully GxP Compliant master Data Management


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