Table Top Capper

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Table Top Capper

Table Top Screwing Machine

Model SpeedFormat Range
S40020 bottles/minDia. < 100mm
Height < 230mm



Table Top Capping Machine
Table Top Capping Machine - Raupack UK and Ireland


The screwing machine S400 has the same pneumatic principal as its manual version the S245, offering advantages when handling highly flammable liquids. The S-400 caps bottles with a maximum diameter of 100mm and a maximum height of 230mm. The closing process is started by pushing the safety foot pedal. Tool-less format change is possible within one minute. A safety bottle holder is included in order to stabilise containers therefore avoid injuries during the capping process. All the parts of the equipment are removable for easy cleaning.


  • Screw caps

Main Benefits

  • Compact and space saving design
  • Tool-less changeover within 1 minute
  • Pneumatic drive with push start, torque controlled
  • Available with buffer plate for capping with buffered tops
  • GMP conform construction
  • Clean room suitable


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