Table Top Capping Machine

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Table Top Capping Machine

Table Top Capper


Table Top Capping Machine
Table Top Capping Machine - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model S650
Speed Max. 33 bottles/min (2000/hour)
Format rangeDia. < 65mm
Height < 140mm
The S-650 provides controlled and continuous screwing processes of bottle caps. Add a conveyor belt for cost efficient semi automation. The modular construction of the 650 machines allows extension to a fully automated production line. The table top setup facilitates the application in isolators.


  • Screw caps

Main Benefits

  • Space saving monoblock setup
  • Automatic bottle transport by rotary star wheel
  • Easy and fast format change, no tools needed
  • Pneumatic screw motor with push start, torque controlled
  • Suitable for clean rooms and isolators

Technical Features

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