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Z12 Table Top Tablet and Capsule Counter


Table Top Tablet and Capsule Counter
Table Top Tablet and Capsule Counter - Raupack UK and Ireland

Z12 Table Top Tablet Counter Feeding Disks Raupack UK and IrelandZ12 Table Top Capsule Counter Raupack UK and IrelandZ12 Tablet Top Tablet Counter Raupack UK and IrelandTable Top Tablet and Capsule Counter Raupack UK and Ireland

Model Z12
Speed up to 57,000 Tablets/Capsules per hour
Format rangeMicro Tablets Most Tablets All Capsule sizes
The Z12 counter is a simple counter designed for small batch runs and clinical Trial production. In its basic execution the Z12 Capsule and tablet counter is designed of manual bottle handling. The operator places the bottle under the filling position and operates a foot pedal. The Z12 counts the capsules or tablets into the bottle. The Operator then removes the bottle and the cycle repeats.

The Z12 is available with a weigh cell

When supplied with a weigh cell the process steps are as follows:

  1. User enters count and target weight into Z12 Counter at start of Batch For each count
  2. Bottle placed onto weigh cell under the Z12 Counter
  3. Foot pedal pressed to start process
  4. Counter tares bottle automatically, counts and Gross weighs
  5. If weight is out of specification the machine gives an error The operator must acknowledge reject on the panel before he can move onto next count.


  • Clinical Trials production
  • Small Batches

Main Benefits

  • Can be mounted over Weigh cell for Immediate Verification
  • Compact Machine
  • Low cost entry point
  • Fast Changeover

Technical Features

  • Funnel and housing are made of stainless steel.
  • IP64, the system can quickly and easily be cleaned.
  • Suitable for use in cleanroom, isolator or high-activity laboratory.
  • Intelligent fault monitoring
  • Ethernet interface through which the system can be integrated into an overall process or optional feed magazines for the packages.
  • Cleaning - The machine can be rinsed with suitable liquid.
  • Automation – can be automated over conveyor

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