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Topserter, Outserter machine

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Topserter, Outserter machine

Leaflet Pasting Machine, Leaflet Applicator

Model SpeedFormat Range
DOS 100120 Bottles/minLeaflets Folded max 45 x 45 mm
Bottle Dia < 90 mm, Height < 180 mm



Topserter machine


Leaflet applicator, leaflet pasting machine
Leaflet applicator, leaflet pasting machine - Raupack UK and Ireland

Out-serter Machine Raupack UK and IrelandLeaflet applicator, leaflet pasting machine Raupack UK and Ireland


Our leaflet applicators were designed for customers who want automatic solutions for applying booklets or leaflets to bottles. We have a range of automatic leaflet pasting machines glued onto the cap of the bottle or onto the side of the bottle.

Our topserter, outserter machines are continuous motion machines enabling an excellent output of 150 to 240 bottles per minute. The bottles can be up to 70 mm of diameter and up to 200 mm of height. Other dimensions can be discussed upon request. The topserts (leaflets) are flat folded and can have a size of up to 45 x 45 mm.


  • Application of Leaflets to Side or Top of Bottles

Main Benefits

  • Hot melt glueing of Leaflets
  • Cycloid Pick-up motion
  • Magazine or bowl fed leaflets
  • Changeover to other bottle size in less than 15 minutes

Technical Features

  • Advanced take-over-movement for exact positioning of topsert
  • Precise positioning of topsert on cap of bottle
  • Presence control of topsert on cap
  • Servo motor controlled motor drive of machine
  • Centralized height adjustment of all working stations
  • Nordson ProBlue4 glue-melting system
  • Fully automatic leaflet sorting and feeding devices


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