Tote Stacking, De stacking and Palletising

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Tote Stacking, De stacking and Palletising

Tote Handling

Model SpeedFormat Range
StackerUp to 1800 Crates per hour
300 x 200 x 100mm to 800 x 600 x 400mm


Palletising Totes onto Dollies


Tote Stacking and Palletising
Tote Stacking and Palletising - Raupack UK and Ireland

We are able to stack totes at high speeds and to palletise these onto pallets or dollies:

Our Crank Rocker stacker can operate with single or double grip as well. The totes are transferred on a conveyor belt to the stacker where a plate pushes up the tote to the bottom of the stack. The height of the stack can reach 30 totes.

Stacked totes can be consequently placed onto pallets or dollies.


  • Totes
  • Crates
  • Bananna Boxes

Main Benefits

  • Optional Automatic Format Changeover
  • Intergrated Conveyors
  • Stacking or De-Stacking

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