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Tray Packing Machines


Tray Packing Machine for Pots of Yogurt
Tray Packing Machine for Pots of Yogurt - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model SFS
Speed 60 Trays per minute
The SFS family of Tray packing machines can be used to create Shelf Ready Trays with Lids, Shallow Trays, Partially closed Trays or Trays with Slots for Pots.

Trays are formed from Flat blanks. The Products can either be loaded after the tray is fully formed, as in the case of Pots of Yogurt or Desserts, or the Products can be loaded and the tray formed around the product. This is usually the case when for Banana Box type Trays.

Trays can be Stacked using our Tray Stackers and then Lidded. These lids can be removed as shelf ready packing.


  • Trays with Slots
  • Special Trays designs
  • Octagonal Trays
  • Wrap Around Tray
  • Partition loading

Main Benefits

  • Built for 3 shift operation
  • Robust welded frame
  • Accurate and fast changeover

Technical Features

  • De-centralised Servo System

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