Valve Case Loading Machine

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Valve Case Loading Machine

Valve Case Loader


Valve Case Loading Machine


Valve Case Loader
Valve Case Loader - Raupack UK and Ireland

Model Single Twin
Speed 550 valves per min 1100 valves per min
The Desotec Valve case loading unit is usually fitted to the out-feed of a dip tube assembly machine. A brush transport indexes a given number of valves equivalent to the length of the case. A gripper arm takes this row of valves and places them into the case. The case is indexed forwards and backwards by a conveyor. When a layer is completed the case is turned 180 degrees and the process is repeated.


  • Valves with dip tubes

Main Benefits

  • Brush transport for valves with dip tubes
  • Different length dip tubes can be packed
  • Interlocking layer patterns

Technical Features

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