Warehouse Material Handling and Buffer Systems

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Warehouse Material Handling and Buffer Systems

Material Handling Automation

Model Speed
Genix-XP2m/s subject to payload


High Speed Order Picking in Drinks Distribution Centre


Order Picking in Drinks Distribution Centre
Order Picking in Drinks Distribution Centre - Raupack UK and Ireland

Gantry robots can span extremely wide areas. This is particularly useful in Buffer systems where products stored in totes can be stacked and deposited on the floor. The robots travel above the working area. Up to three robots can be installed in any one gantry allowing throughput to be maximised over an area.

With a low number of moving parts and easy overview, the Gantry Robot is the simple solution, easy to maintain and run. The Gantries rectangular working area is at home in most factories, where the circular working areas of other systems are ill at ease.

In Sortation tasks, unlike a conveyor based sorter, the robot can move products straight to the lane they need to be in.

They are very well placed to store and retrieve products e.g. in buffering applications in goods in or goods out locations. In many applications Ro-ber is able to demonstrate both the system and price benefits of such solutions.

When handling Totes or Plastic Trays (de-)stackers can be placed at the in-feed to the robot in order to maximise the amount of totes lifted in any one cycle of the robot. Furthermore, the Robot is able to pick products in rows to maximise throughputs.


  • Crate Storage
  • Tray Storage
  • Empty Crate Buffers
  • Tray washer buffers
  • Cold Stores management

Main Benefits

  • Fast throughput
  • Not restricted to area
  • Easily expandable

Technical Features

  • Extra Wide - up to 20 m x 40 m
  • Payloads up to 1000 Kg
  • Point to point motion


Order Picking in the Deep Freeze: De-layering

12/3/2018 11:23:40 AM

Ro-ber have delivered a robotic de-layering system into a deep freeze, working at temperatures of -27ËšC
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