Desotec Develops Flexomat Pilot Scale Assembly Machinery Product Family

The Flexomat semi-automatic assembly machine is ideal when design has not yet frozen and the product is still in development.

Desotec have recently delivered their first Flexomat semi-automatic assembly machine. Designed for volumes up to 3 million parts per year and prototyping, the Flexomat is ideal when design has not yet frozen and the product is still in development. Often a product is not ready for high speed automation, but high speed assembly steps need to be proven. This is particularly the case in the Pharmaceutical industry. With this in mind, the Flexomat was designed, enabling manual product feeding and easy re-tooling.

Powder Filling to weight with Capacitative Weighing: A game changer

New powder dosing systems include machines that fill to a weight via feedback loops using capacitative weight measurement and capsule and powder filling machines with exchangeable dosing systems for maximum flexibility.

The Holy Grail of pharmaceutical powder filling is a system with

  • Few format parts,
  • Adjustable fill dose from HMI
  • Low residual powder in hopper at end of filling operation. Often in clinical trials there is only a strictly limited amount of powder in existence and one does not want most of it left in the hopper of a dosator bowl at the end of the batch.
  • Ability to fill pure API to eliminate the need to formulate with carrier.
  • Capable down to at least 1 mg
  • With online weighing of each dose for  PAT/ real time batch release.
  • Ability to upscale to production scale, an aspect many laboratory systems cannot offer.

MicroVibe powder dosing with online mass determination on a Modu C capsule filler:

Even better would be the possibility of retrofitting this fill to weight dosing equipment to existing machinery.

Harro Hoefliger now have Micro Vibe powder filling system available as a trolley which can be retrofitted onto a Modu-C capsule filler or the  Omnidose inhalation powder filling systems which does this.

In contrast to many powder filling system there is only one, autoclavable,  stainless steel product contact part so it is ideal for aseptic powder filling applications. Filling mass is contantly monitored and is adjustable from the HMI.

Electron Beam Inline Sterilization on Sachet Packaging Machinery

Harro Hoefliger are fitting their Packaging machinery with In-line Electron Beam sterilization. sachet forming machines amongst others are now able to output sterile sachets without the need for secondary sterilisation operations.

With the growing need to pack sensitive biologics, Harro Hofliger have developed, with a partner, on line Electron Beam Inline Sterilization to provide in the most recent example in line sterilisation of sachets for a biologic.
Electron beam technology offers the unique possibility to integrate product sterilization into the manufacturing process. Using inline-sterilization a beam of electrons from an accelerator, is used to kill viable micro organisms.
To minimize system size, both of the accelerator and the shielding and cost, the electron energy is kept as low as possible for a given product. Typical energy ranges are in the order of 75 to 300 keV (kilo electron volts). (An internationally established value for aseptic packaging systems is a dose 25 kGy.)

Considerable expertise is required in determining the correct size of unit and varies from aplication to application: for example PP packaging is penetrated to twice the depth of PVdC webs.

 E- beam technology offers several advantages on packaging machines:
  • A higher machinery production speed in comparison to heat treatment methods or EtO.
  • No introduction of a chemical sterilising agent.
  • For sensitive biologics, the minimal increase in packaging material temperature is also important.
  • Further there is only a moderate energy consumption, reducing the impact on the air handling system in the clean room.
On line E Beam sterilisation on an aseptic sachet machine.

Harro Höfliger are currently working on several special aseptic packaging machinery projects, from injector pens and the next generation of autoinjector to micro-needle patches and transdermal patch applications.

Advanced wound care patch: A speciality of Harro Hoefliger web machinery