Machinery for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Systems

Packaging and assembly machinery for ocular and ophthalmic Drug Delivery Systems. Harro Hofliger have been making implant delivery systems assembly machinery, contact lens machinery and aeptioc assembly machinery for many years.

Drug Delivery Systems for treating the eye are becoming more sophisticated and the requirements on the customised machinery to manufacture them are becoming that much more challenging. The projections are for increased call for such treatments owing to longer life expectancies and more economically active urban Asian population, while the requirement in the Third World remains huge.

Conditions that could already result in the loss of an eye, and the relative isolation of the blood-retinal barrier mean that there is a perceived lower (but still high) regulatory environment for innovative ophthalmic drug delivery systems. Harro Höfliger find themselves well placed to industrialise such drug delivery systems. As they point out in the Eyecare Machinery Segment, ”We have been supplying depot and implant assembly machines for to the now ISO Class 2 clean room standards for 20 years.”

Another class of ophthalmic therapy coming on stream is  impregnated contact lenses and here too Harro Hofliger have supplied many contact lens lines, with their complex hydration and inspection systems, which are virtually production lines in their own right.

Ophthalmic nano-particle drug delivery systems only need to look to Harro Hofliger’s specialised aseptic powder dosing system, suitable for dosing sub 1 mg doses.

Aerosol Valve Dip Tube Assembly Machine being Delivered to UK

Raupack is supplying a Dip Tube assembly machine to the UK at the end of 2010. This continous motion assembly machine runs at 500 valves pre minute and has 3 out-feeds each procuing different length dip tubes.

An aerosol valve dip tube assembly machine is being delivered to an Aerosol Manufcaturer in the UK at the end of 2010.

This assembly machine is able to cut and assemble 500 valves per minute. The manufacturer is going to produce two different lengths of valve at the same time. The Dip Tube Assembly Equipment will have three out-feed positions. Servo drives allow for fast switching between different length dip tubes. This machine could be used to direct feed up to three aerosol production lines simultanously.

This Assembly machine will allow the Aerosol filler concerned to reduce transportation and storage costs. The machinery will also give him choice in where to buy his aerosol valves and the flexibility to produce whatever length dip tube he needs.