White line packaging machinery

Several “white line packaging” cartoning and packaging lines are being delivered to improve customers machine utilisation and flexiblity.

Traditional packaging machinery lines were often dedicated to one product or one market. While this made for an easy life in production with reduced packaging size changeovers, nobody in today’s competitive market can afford such low line utilisation of packaging machinery or the large packaging halls such an approach required.

Secondly, the increased regulatory requirements and more local languages have increased the burden resulting in the not entirely funny question as to whether one is in pharmaceutical packaging or publishing.
To increase machine utilisation for example we offer cartonners with automatic change of hoppers for different graphics and in line printing projected into complete packaging lines. A cartonning machine no longer has to be dedicated to one product or graphic.

Cartonner handling unprinted cartons before later on line printing and labelling.

Harro Höfliger have recently supplied several white line packaging machinery lines. Currently on their shop floor is a transdermal patch packaging line running at 300 patches a minute with 12 labellers.

Recently shipped was a highspeed finishing line for pen autoinjectors with final coding and labelling and a plastic wallet loading and labelling machine for wound dressings.

Slitting and Packaging Machinery for Oral Wafers

Harro Höfliger are hosting a Symposium on innovations in rapid dissolution oral therapies.

Harro Höfliger Symposium on innovations in rapid dissolution oral therapies such as orally disintegrating films, oral wafers and rapid dissolving tablets.

Oral wafer slitting machine

Including presentation on the latest in slitting and packaging machinery for oral films from Fritz Major of Harro Hofliger.

Presentation on packaging machinery solutions to combating counterfeit drugs.

Possiblity to view oral film conversion machinery line in operation.

Aseptic drug delivery machinery

Based on their advanced wound care conversion machinery Harro Hofliger is developing bespoke aseptic filling and assembly machinery for an active patch pump.

Harro Hofliger are working with Steadymed to develop bespoke aseptic filling and assembly machinery for their Patch Pump which arises out of our long experience in advanced wound care conversion machinery, both sterile web based and component based systems, such as for micro needle patch assembly machinery.

Steadymed Aseptic Patch

The device is aimed at biotech  NCEs such as monoclonal antibodies requiring a slow steady delivery into the bloodstream.