Dairy and fresh dessert (FFS) pack machine changeparts

FFS, dessert and dairy pot machine change parts from Rohrer with Swiss precision for low life time cost pot tooling.

The Rohrer cutting tool department has built up an enviable reputation for low life time cost cutting tools for dairy product thermoformers such as coffee creamer pots, yogurt pots and fresh dessert packs (FFS)

Dairy pot notching tool with patented pressure controlled cut technology.

Rohrer provide a complete service and years of experience supplying everything from changeparts to complete development and production of forming, sealing or notching stations.

As a result of years of specialist experience, Rohrer are able to offer complete sets of tooling for all dairy thermoformers from machinery manufacturers such as Bosch, Erca, Finnah and Hassia. Indeed, with some of these companies, they are recognized as a premium quality supplier.

Of particular interest among their designs is their innovative use of a cassette system for quick – about 30 minutes – removal of the size parts for maintenance or size change. With several machines on site the system permits a considerable cost saving on thermoformer changeparts.

Need new format parts for a new creamer pot or yogurt pot ? Need regrinding or overhaul? Contact the machinery changepart experts.