Blister Machines for High Potency Drugs – Rohrer and SKAN Announce Collaboration

Rohrer and Skan work together to produce a new concept of blister machinery for High Potency Tablets and Capsules. The new concept gets around many of the challenges on sealing blisters under containment.

We are pleased to announce that Rohrer – our Swiss supplier of customised blister machinery – will now collaborate with SKAN – a leading manufacturer of isolator solutions – in the field of blister packaging in order to focus on an unmet need for safe and flexible blistering and handling of highly potent drugs.

The main objective of the collaboration is to design and manufacture an integrated machine for product development which can be scaled up to full commercial production. The equipment design will enable fast cleaning and quick format change therefore allowing it to be utilised for multiple products without the risk of cross contamination.

For more information about our blister machine for high potent drugs, please go to this page.