OCS Checkweigher with Reject available for immediate delivery

Raupack has an OCS EC-E checkweigher available for immediate delivery.

The checkweigher, available for immediate dispatch, consists of a weigh cell, an infeed and outfeed conveyor as well as an integrated reject with lockable container. A touch screen and electrical cabinet control the unit.

The OCS EC-E checkweigher has a weighing range of up to 1500g, display value of >=0.2g and a maximum dead load of 8.5kg. The checkweigher is supplied with installed batch recording software. The batch records allow identification and storage of up to 50 different products in the recipe system. New products can be entered on the touch screen. Different operator permission levels can be set. It is possible to export the results to a USB stick. The software can optionally be connected to a network by comscale.

The reject uses an air knife to blow the product into an integrated bin.  As well as weighing the product, a sensor checks the length of the products. If the products are too close together, or if a long rogue product passes the weigh cell, it will be rejected.

For Sale or Rent CCM-MV Hand Load Vertical Cartoner Exhibited with Checkweigher

The OCS Checkweigher was exhibited at the PPMA show with the popular CCM-MV semi-automatic cartoner. The CCM-AV cartoner is available for rent or purchase. The operator loads the products into the carton manually. All other cartoning functions are automatic. It has the capability to produce both tuck and glue cartons. Changeover is fast taking approx. 10-15 minutes. The operator controls the pace of the cartoner, waiting for the light barrier at the loading position to become free before indexing. A printer prints batch information on the cartons underside. A capacitive sensor verifies that the product is in the box. If the product is not present then the machine displays a message and waits for the operator to try and load the product again.