Deckert Delivers Compact Tablet Counter with Glove Ports

Rudolf Deckert has just delivered their popular TVM mono-block tablet counting line fitted with Glove Ports.

TVM Tablet counter with glove ports

The customers cancer drug is both dusty and toxic to the operator. Therefore the Tablet Counter and all sorting bowls were covered with polycarbonate hoods. Inside the machine guarding extraction caused an under pressure minimising the escape of toxic dust. Any operator interventions could take place through the glove ports. A rapid transfer port (RTP) was fitted to the tablet infeed to allow containing product loading.

The TVM tablet counter had most of the functions that this series of machines are known for: Air Cleaning with deionised Air, Counting, Broken Tablet inspection, Capping, Induction Sealing and Re-torqueing. A sensor verified the presence of aluminium in the foil.

As a special feature vinyl sponges or oxygen scavengers in barrel form can be inserted after gross weighing. The sorting device, feeding track and transfer station can be purged with nitrogen gas to extend scavengers duration time inside the machine.

The Cremer counter has 6 vibratory feeding lanes controlled by 2 servo drives. The increased movement control that the servo drive offers has allowed us to achieve in 6 lanes what had required 12 lanes on standard vibratory tracks. The servo drives can be fine tuned for each product and those settings saved in the recipe. The tablet counter is also fitted with automatic feeding plate removal. At the touch of a button the vibratory plates lift to allow the operator to easily remove the product contact parts for cleaning. The vibratory plates are either V shaped or dedicated format specific flat plates. Aspirated hoppers under the feeding plates keep dust away from the feeding tracks.

A camera system looks for broken pieces or miscoloured tablets.

Faster Changeover – Choosing the Right Recipe

Our tablet counting lines share one important characteristic: The recipe controls nearly everything. Timings on cap application, vibration settings of the tablet feeding tracks as well as the measuring window of integrated weigh cells are all stored in the recipe. The fact that most drives are servo drives allows for more control of critical machine functions form the PLC. Unlike pneumatic and mechanical CAM based technologies many settings can be adjusted and saved into the HMI. It is not necessary to adjust cogs and regulators underneath the machine table between format changeovers. This means that changeover is faster and more consistent. The TVM  mono-block counting line has the advantage that a single star-wheel presides over all operations. This means that changeover parts and therefore changeover time are greatly reduced. The TVM can also be fitted with a integrated labeller and with weigh cells under the star-wheel.

The video below shows the TVM with Air Rinse, Integrated Gros-Tare weigh, Cap, Re-torque and label application – all in a small foot-print.

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