Monoblock Liquid Filling Machine for Deodorant and Perfumes

Rudolf Deckert Ships Monoblock Liquid Filling and Closing Machine to manufacture perfumes and Deodorants

The FVR Monoblock liquid filling machine combines filling, screwing, capping and weighing into one machine capable of 100 containers per minute. The modular monoblock design packs these features into around 8m of length.

The customer, a cosmetics manufacturer with a focus on natural products, already had Deckert machines of previous generations to the FVR Monoblock liquid filling machine. Unlike its predecessors, the FVR combined multiple closing stations, check weighers and filling pumps into a single modular machine. This reduced the space and change parts required.

Cosmetics Monoblock Liquid Filling Machine FVR
Cosmetics Liquid Filling Closing Machine FVR

Designed to meet the customers specific requirements the machine was built with capping stations to handle roll on deodorants, over-caps as well as pump spray heads with dip tubes. Many products that run on the machine require a combination of closures to be applied on the machine, e.g roll on balls as well as screw caps or lotion spray closures as well as over-caps.

Filling at 100 per minute with in Place Cleaning and Sterilisation

Eight filling nozzles follow the bottles as they index through the machine. Cleaning and sterilisation can happen in place (CIP, SIP). Fill volumes are controlled from the HMI and can be saved in the recipe. The pumps draw the liquid from IBC containers located behind the machine. Changeover of the liquid is simple: choose the recipe from the menu and bring the right liquid to the machine. The machine will do the rest.

Filling Machine nozzles following bottles through machine on linear servo drive
Filling Machine nozzles following bottles through machine on linear servo drive

Quality Assured – Weighing and Closing

Mounted under the rake of the machine, before and after the filling station, are load cells that measure gross and tare weights for every fill on the machine. This 100% control is saved to the machines batch records and can be downloaded for quality control purposes.

The final screwing station is fitted with servo drives which accurately control the final application torque of the screw closure. Like the weight results, these values are stored and can be downloaded.

Cap presence and placement is monitored as well as bottle presence before filling.

Screwing of over-caps for roll on deodorant bottles
Screwing of over-caps for roll on deodorant bottles

Monoblock liquid filling machine makes Changeovers fast and repeatable

The use of pucks on the monoblock liquid filling machine and the FVRs automatic height adjustment makes changeover of containers simple: the pucks must be exchanged and the containers switched. Selecting the correct recipe from the HMI will cause all stations to adjust to the new container height.

Precise palcement of spray pumps with dip tubes
Precise placement of spray pumps with dip tubes
Overcap placement for perfume bottles

Tailored to the customers Demands

Deckert are known for their willingness to tailor there machines to their customers specific requirements. In this case, the machine needed to fill from 40 ml to 200 ml at 100 bottles per minute. The viscosity of the liquid varies from pefume to lotions (i.e water to cream). The customer specified the pump manufacturer.  The closures also vary widely ranging from deo balls to spray pumps with dip tubes and over-caps.

Placement of roll on deodorant closures
Placement of roll on deodorant closures

It is important to the customer that the hoppers for closures are accessible from the operator side. The bunkers are located on the operator side and elevators transfer the closures to the bowls that are located on the back side of the machine.

The FVR  is part of Rudolf Deckerts range of modular, monoblock filling machines for tablets, powers and liquids. Hallmarks of the AVR Capping machine series of machines are:

  • Compact Footprint
  • Fast and repeatable changeovers
  • Minimal change parts
  • Servo controlled cam movements for filling and closing that can be edited from the HMI and saved in the recipe.
  • High level monitoring and reporting.


Author: Gregor Rauch

Managing Director of Raupack