High speed continuous motion blister walleting machinery

High speed blister walleting machinery from Harro Hoefliger

A 300/minute high speed blister walleting machine is available from Harro Hofliger at short notice.
It features all the advanced GMP and uptime features for which HH machines are known:

  • Balcony machine design for good access, good product fall and a clear arrangement of all machine functions.
  • GMP compliance with clear separation of product and technical area permitting easy cleaning.
  • The machine is in continuous motion to permit careful product handling and precise folding and positioning of the blister and booklet feeding
  • The single lane concept offers a low service and maintenance expenditure together with simplified validation and a small number of format parts.
  • Format change is positive, mainly by spindles and digital displays and achieving a wide format range without loss of performance
  • Reduced number of format parts with format change over mainly without tools and a low weight of the format parts themselves.