JW Vertical Cartoner used as 5 Litre Canister Packer

JW Has just built a vertical cartoner which packs 4 and 5 litre containers into Corrugated cases. The canister packer functions as a case packer.

CCM-AV Vertical Cartoner as Canister Packer

The cartoner runs at 15 cases per minute.  The bottles are loaded onto the conveyor manually. A pick and place arm loads the bottles into the cartons from above. Booklets are placed into the empty case before the canister is loaded. The carton has a window on the top face which allows the user to access the canisters handle. The case is glued top and bottom. A tear strip allows the user to open the case.

At the outfeed an articulated arm robot palletises the cases, picking 4 cases together using a clamping gripper and placing them on the pallet. Pallet changeover is manual. Between each layer the robot places an interlayer onto the pallet. During pallet changeover the filled boxes are accumulated at the out-feed conveyor of the case packer. When the pallet is nearly full a warning is displayed on the HMI. When the operator is ready to remove the full pallet from the cell, he notifies the system of his intention by pressing a button at the entry to the cell. A this time an internal shutter closes to separate the area the operator can access from the second palletising position where the robot is still working. The entry shutter opens allowing the operator to safely remove the full pallet.

Smallest Footprint drives customer to buy JW Vertical Cartoner with Palletising Cell

The machine seen on the video above is based on the successful CCM-AV vertical cartoner. The size of the boxes meant that the cartoner had to be re-designed with a wider format wheel. The format cartridges holding the boxes were also re-designed to handle the 5Kg weight. The safety guards are made of safety glass which, unlike polymer alternatives, is resistant to abrasive chemical cleaning and looks good for longer.

Canister Packer Palletiser Vertical Cartoner CCM-AV

Layout showing compact cell for Case Packing and Palletising

The customer chose the CCM-AV Canister Packer due to its small footprint as a combined cell for both case packing and palletising. The customer, a long standing customer of JW, is happy with the service and support he receives.
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