Machinery for Pharmaceuticals at Interpack 2017

May 4, 2017 10:00 amtoMay 10, 2017 7:00 pm

There have been many new developments at our suppliers recently so come and take a look at the machines that our suppliers will present:

Tablet Counting

R Deckert – Hall 16, stand E03

  • TVM Rotary Mono-block tablet counter for outputs up to 60 bottles/min
  • AVR Fast changeover linear Capping Machine for outputs up to 120 bottles/min
  • DTT Track and Trace Tamper Evident Labeller

Special Blister Development

Rohrer – Hall 16, stand C45

  • Modular Blister Machine Type R760S for development and fully automatic blister production:
  • Special functional requirements or deep draws, frangible seals, heat/moisture/oxygen sensitive products
  • Crea2Seal – Ceramic Sealing Technology

Horizontal and Vertical Cartoning

Jakob und Wienmeier – Hall 15, stand B59

  • Semi automatic vertical cartoning machine CCM-MV-10-800
  • Automatic horizontal cartoning machine CCM-AH-6-600

Filling and Sealing Technology

Rychiger – Hall 06, stand D09

  • Liquid into preformed containers
  • Foil sealing and punching
  • Filling and sealing of diagnostic wet wells
  • Lab scale to full production

Camera Inspection Systems

HPF Hans P. Friedrich Elektronik – Hall 16, stand F13

  • Pinhole detection
  • Colour inspection
  • Broken tablet inspection
  • Code reading

High Speed Blister Machines

Heino Ilsemann – Hall 16, stand D23

  • BP250 blister machine with CP100-S continuous motion cartoner at 300 products/min
  • BP400 blister machine with CP200 intermittent motion cartoner

We are looking forward to see you in Dusseldorf to discuss any projects you may have.